MCC Pancel(Motor Control Center)

SEFE’s MCC represents the state-of-art in motor control technology. High performance and quality checking have been made throughout the manufacturing stage and have many features and options to meet the specific needs and requirements of the customer. The SEFE’s modular units implement all the motor protection and control functions SEFE supplies a high-performance, cost-effective and easy-to-use motor controllers. SEFE manufactures MCC with a unique innovative accessories, perfect workmanship and highest available standard components. This means superior, aesthetic looking, trouble free and easy maintenance control centers, which are made in accordance to Indian standard feature. Spacious arrangement is made for cable termination ensuring comfortable and easy maintenance of all covers, doors, inter panel jointing is provided with neoprene gasket for dust protection. Non metallic /FRP barriers/shrouding are provided at cubicle for prevention of human contact with live part accidentally. SEFE’s each MCC is provided with enclosed main busbar compartments , with hinged door; specially concealed profile of neoprene is used as gasket for dust protection; and use steel door locks for convenient operation. The panel provides a comprehensive digital/ analog metering facility to monitor voltage and current.


MCC can be incorporated with Air Circuit Breakers (ACB), Moulded Case Circuit Breaker ( MCCB), Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB) , Switch Fuse Unit (SFU) and contactors as per customers requirements

  • Heavy duty contactors
  • Single phasing and thermal overload protection
  • DIN-rail mounted AC breakers
  • Bolted electrical connection
  • Plated Copper busbar
  • Flush mounted digital / analog meters meters to indicate line voltage and current
  • Perfect compartmentalized construction
  • Efficient lay out , steel door locks for convenient operation and long lasting elegant door
  • Designed with dust & vermin proof modules
  • Made of 16 SWG CRCA Sheet
  • Electrostatically applied Polyester Epoxy powder coating with seven tank process